04 November 2009

Street Bass Anthems 4 Vinyl (Seclusiasis) - Review

Title: Street Bass Anthems 4 Vinyl
Label: Seclusiasis
Format: 12” EP
A1. Starkey - Starkvillain
A2. Starkey - Starkvillain (Instrumental)
B1. Pacheko - Lockdown (6Blocc Remix)
B2. DNAEBeats - Razur Kut


Starkey's Street Bass strikes back. This time Seclusiasis will soon release the 4th volume of the unique bass heavy urban music. The first three volumes and the associated singles were heavily rinsed across the clubs spreading havoc on the dancefloors. As a preview to the CD and digital format to be released later this Fall, the street bass crew has just dropped an EP on vinyl. Everything Starkey touches bears the QUALITY mark all across the board, this release is no exception to this rule. After such an interesting preview I am very eagerly anticipating the “Street Bass Anthems Volume 4” mixtape compilation which will feature exclusive material from Starkey, Slugabed (YEEEESSSSSS!!!), Dev79, Stagga, BD1982, Si Young (of Plastic Little), Kotchy, Buddy Leezle, and more!!!

Starkey - Starkvillain (160kbps)

The A side of this record features Starkey’s Starkvillain in vocal and instrumental versions. Starkvillain (Inst) is exclusive to this 12” and will not be on the mixtape, so you better grab this shit now. Starkvillain is a kind of badman uptempo 2-step tune with pumping beat which I can imagine will be welcomed enthusiastically by the club crowds, at least by its female part. In particular the version with pretty cheesy R&B vocals on top :)) I'm not a big fan of this type of 'singing', yet in Starkey's twisted interpretation, this shit gains proper depth and will definitely find its way to the crates of many DJ's. The beat is very crispy!!

Pacheko - Lockdown (6Blocc remix) (160kbps)

For me personally, the real highligths of this release can be found on the flipside, starting off with the f...g mental remix of Pacheko's Lockdown by 6Blocc (aka R.A.W. aka B-Boy 3000 - the legendary drum n’ bass turntablist). The original version of Lockdown is soon to be released on the Japanese label Murder Channel. I've always been a big fan of Pacheko's stuff since the first time I heard some old tranquera mixtapes (in this context another name comes to mind - Cardopusher). 6Blocc leaves the mega groovy 4X4 bassline more or less unchanged, except for a few cut-up beats thrown in, but what makes this really stand apart from the original is sick sick sick dancehall vocals on top making the track an absolute killer on any dancefloor. This ragga ranting combined with super sleek synths has been haunting my player for weeks now :))

DNAEBeats - Razor Kut (160kbps)

Razor Kut by San Francisco‘s DNAEBeats is another bomb on the B-side. One word comes to mind immediately when hearing this track - dirty. A dirty combination of distorted grimey beats and vocals with glitchy and crunky synths and the bassline which twists with a speed of the snail yet the agility of a snake. Extremely infectious stuff, I've listened this track on repeat like 30 times when I first heard it. For me personally - numero uno on this release. Rustie's fans should not miss this joint definitely.

In general, I highly recommend this release. 8 out of 10***. Essential purchase. Grab it on Boomkat or Juno or Turntable Lab.


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