27 November 2009

Th'Mole - The Other Side live show on KVMR 89.5 FM radio

Th'Mole, a self-made, DIY producer, performer, vocalist, man-of-many-names and bringer of good news to good people, a guy who can teach you how to be cool and who escapes easy generalizations with his dirty hybrid of re-mixed and re-cycled soundz. Browse my blog for more stuff by this cool homie and in the meantime listen to a great 2-hour show in KVMR 89.5 FM radio from Nevada. Th'Mole speaks with the host of The Other Side show - Mikail Graham about his life, inspirations, music and horror movies and plays tons of his freaky music, very fresh material (I luv Unicorns! at the end is pure hilarious genius!!!), but also remixes from his adolescent years. The entire show was pure, uplifting fun and a great mood booster. Enjoy!