27 November 2009

Various Artists lowdown

Just a quick lowdown of a few tracks I've been playing a lot recently.

Let's start from A Bridge Far Away. This is a new alias and totally new project of an old friend - Forensics. As a preview to his forthcoming album, he released two nice remixes of Drift featuring a beautiful and mesmerizing voice of Indi Kaur. The original makes me shiver and will be available on the  ABFA debut album Enchanted at the beginning of the next year (released on Methodology Recordings). Apart from Indi Kaur, the release will feature also star delta and Dusk Ensemble. Stay tuned for a review on my blog some time in the future!

First remix comes from Grievous Angel a 2-step, garage producer from Essex, whose mixes are among the best I've heard in any music style. He delivers what I expected of him. Another one is even better, a dubstep remix by Demon, who is part of Macabre unit crew.

A Bridge Far Away - Drift feat. Indi Kaur (Demon [Macabre Unit] remix)

Switching tempos, switching styles with DJ Dials. In my personal ranking Freaky Girl is absolutely at the h/h top. I've heard a few really great remixes, including the last one in the series, a dubstep refix by DJ Dials. Wicked!

Gucci Mane - Freaky Girl (DJ Dials Remix)

The next one is absolutely, frigging killing shit!! Gives me bannannas each time :) Props to boys from mixedbusiness.

Ill girl from Vancouver, lady power behind the mighty glitch-hop forum, Ill-Esha in a soulful, groovy glitch hop remix. Not only for the ladies!

Ill-Esha - Crunk Chevrolet

We move now closer to the center of the dancefloor and sweating bodies of skanking girls and boys. DJ Absurd aka MonstR - in a fast 'ugly ducklin' bassline roller.

DJ Absurd/MonstR -  Rubber Duck

Finally, a two very hot remixes coming from the remix compilation of "Sun People", originally released by Canadian Nicodemus.  Kush Arora, whose tribal, heavy step I've already covered some time on my blog, presents bashy bashy tribal bass banger around 132 bpm with santoor from the Original, a kind of American bow to uk funky, soca step and similar sound. Earthrise Soundsystem remix has a great, sunny oriental vibe. I'm a real sucker for such vocals. When traveling through Morocco, Tunisia or Egypt I've always tried to buy as many casettes (and recently CD's) as possible, they have such a rich musical culture and tradition. The entire album including remixes by e.g. Sabo, The Spy from Cairo, Tal M Klein, Christian Prommer, Pablo Sanchez, Adham Shaik, Tom B, The Pimps has been just released on ESL Music. Go check it!

Nickodemus - 2 Sips and Cup Remix

Nickodemus - Sun People (Earthside Soundsystem)