17 December 2009


It's Christmas time and Santa Claus Lorin is distributing gifts to his children all across the hedonistic  world. Honestly speaking, I was very reluctant to listen to Bassnectar's remix of "Where is my Mind". I've never heard a very successful remix of this song in my life. Probably, due to the fact that it is one of, maybe, five biggest anthems of my youth and I have so many beautiful and crazy recollections from my student years related to this, I'd really prefer the track to be left alone in my memory in its purest form. Fortunately, Bassnectar knows his stuff and did quite a good job, especially in the first build-up part of the track where the vocals of Frank Black are enriched with deep and 'talking' bassline leading to heavy, all-encompassing breakdown of typical Bassnectar synths and beats. What follows is a standard party mayhem roller and a definite 'crowd-pleaser' (well, I am pleased). All in all quite a nice track which I presume will be heavily rinsed by DJ's across the world. BTW, Lorin, when will you finally visit Europe??  Don't be shy, you will be warmly welcomed here as well :)               

Let the Santa speak: "This tune is an anthem for living life at a dizzying pace, but refusing to slow down, obviously influenced by the legendary rock band THE PIXIES, this bootleg was 1 of the secret weapons of almost every show on the Cozza Frenzy tour, and now its yours for free: Happy New Year! Merry Xmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Atheism! Enraptured Humanism! Do as thou will, and blast this track! See you all very soon"

You can also buy Where is my Mind Instrumentals via Bassnectar's site:

"This is just a simple chunk of bass and beats, probably not dubstep because it is 20 bpm faster, probably not D&B because it doesn't follow the rules, but its thick and deep and it should be yours. If you are a listener, just grab "Where is my Mind" for free at bassnectar.net, but if you are a DJ and want a nice instrumental banger for your sets, this jam has some heavy bass and a nice clean beat loop at the beginning running at 85 bpm...perfect to thicken up any hip hop, drum 38 bass, dub, downtempo or dubstep track, also a nice little acapella synth at the end..."