16 December 2009

Soundcloud Check - Freddy Todd, Low Limit, Mimosa, ill-esha, muti music

It seems cold winter nights breed creativity. My soundcloud account just boils with quality staff. Here are some Dok Krank's picks.

Let's start with Freddy Todd from Detroit. This guy is definitely one of my favorite producers active on the Glitchhop Forum. The quality of his music has been constantly improving and he seems to be quite a prolific creator of glitchy sounds.  Before moving to his freshest tune uploaded to soundcloud, I highly recommend you should check his latest EP - Hallowz Eve which can be downloaded for free from the artist's bandcamp site.


Freddy Todd quite skilfully uses a very wide instrumentarium, including live drums, guitars, pads etc. which always characterizes a good and open-minded beatmaker. Of course, he likes glitched and distorted synths or basslines, but he never forgets about melody, tempo and his tunes are extremely rich and dense. Hallowz Eve is a more laid-back offering in the portfolio of an inhabitant of the motor city of Detroit, sometimes bordering on breezy and jazzy lounge vibe. My favorite tracks are Say This, Greet it with a Smile, City Scrape Storm and Cool as Ice.

Slaymaker, uploaded by Freddy Todd on soundcloud is a much more aggressive and crunky tune in the style which attracted me to his productions in the first place. Fire!!!

Slaymaker by FreddyTodd

You can call me a Lazer Sword groupie. Yes, you can. I dig everything these guys unleash on the public and after experiencing their f...g outstanding live show in my home country, I'm even more willing to praise them. Super cool dude, Low Limit has just uploaded a few tracks and remixes to his souncloud. Ultra crunky synths full of bleeps and beeps, the way I like the best. Trapperkeeper to be released in January along with some Lando Kal's goodies on the new Glasgow-based Numbers Label is my favorite in this collection. Future blap in full force. Can't wait for this release. Inspirational Jumpsuit also kicks ass (and you can buy it already, similarly as Turf Day if I'm not mistaken).


Next in line is another top name on my favorite artists list. Mimosa remix of the classic h/h tune I'm in love wiht the stripper bears all the marks of his unique style - heavy bassline and fantastic job on buttons. I really, really dig the music aesthetics this guy applies in production, creating tracks which are soft and extremely heavy at the same time. I can hardly mention any other artist who can so successfully balance these two opposites. No surprise that the download limit on this track has been exceeded in a nick of time (BTW - Fuck Soundcloud-Pro!!!) . Hope that Mimosa will up it again soon.
I'm In Love With A Stripper (MiM0SA REMixxx) by TigranMiMoSA

Girl power represented by two tracks from ill-esha, a Canadian lady of dubs, co-founder of the Glitchhop Forum. Sullen Sultry erupts with a purple wow synths and heavy dynamics. Definitely, one of the best dubstep tunes I've heard in a while! Dubstep remix of Bizzy-B's Oldschool is pure fiya!! Nuschool innit?? You should really watch out for this girl. She has a drawer full of similar shizzle waiting to be released (I hope he he he).

Sullen Sultry (clip) by ill-esha

Bizzy B - Oldskool - ill-esha rmx CLIP by ill-esha

YEEAHH! Mochipet strikes back with a sick bunch of remixes of his cult Master P on Atari. Stay tuned for a longer review of Master P on Atari Transformed vol. 1 on my blog soon, but for the time being just listen to the ultra heavy metal remix of Marshall Bass Stacks by Kraddy. Fuck me, Kraddy caught me by surprise here, and this shit is proper BANGER!! Buy the entire release on Addictech.


Muti Music, next to FlyLo's Brainfeeder, Daddy Kev's Alpha Pup Records, is part of the great West Coast Trio of labels pushing hard the west coast sound. Muti has consistently released fantastic album after fantastic album for the last several months. An-ten-nae, Heyoka, Mimosa, Ill-gates, Subvert, Bil Bless, SeventhSwami, Kraddy, Dov, Klone, Timonkey, Great Scott, Bassobese etc. (well, I should probably mention the entire roster here). You've definitely heard their music on Muti. Listen to a few new tracks uploaded on the soundcloud.

Heyoka - Neem by Muti

Bassobese - Basilisk by Muti

Klone - A Lot Kooler by Muti

Masia One-In Di Streets Featuring Vybz Machine, Sabotawj, Adonis & DJ Sarasa (ill.gates+Meesha Mix) by Muti