31 December 2009


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Fuck, they all have warned me and I have not listened. Selecting top 20 tracks from a sea of wonderful music released in 2009 is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. To curb the space and while bearing in mind your html-generation attention span I decided to simply post a list of 28 tracks which I (and my car's Sound System) really enjoyed in 2009 out of hundreds that should be listed here. Why 28? I simply could not remove any more tunes from my ranking, though I probably still forgot about dozens of them and deliberately omitted stuff produced by Rustie, Joker, Starkey, FlyLo, HudMo and similar 'well-known' artists as they tracks will pop up anyway on the best lists across the blogosphere.


And the Winner is .......

1. ROBOT KOCH - HARD TO FIND. Best tune from the best album of 2009. We are waiting for the future, Robot Koch is already there! Great mix of future sound and vintage mood! I should have listed at least 3 tracks from this release in my Top 20.

Robot Koch video

2. NOSAJ THING - FOG Transcendental experience. I have tears in my eyes listening to this track …

3. EPROM - HUMANOID* coming very soon on Rwina records. Lazer synths in head-on clash with heavy bassline and stepping beats. Party tune of the year!

4. FEVER RAY - SEVEN (MARTYN REMIX)  Uber-quality future garage from Martyn!

5. PANTyRAiD - ENTER THE MACHINE. The best track of top-5 album of the year. Read my review on glitch.fm 

6. SUKH KNIGHT - UP IN SMOKE The best heavy wobble dubstep tune of 2009. Six million ways to die choose one 

7. LANDO KAL - KITES (DUB, feat. SPOEK) Crunky electro killer.

8. FULGEANCE - ANN ARBOR French electro par excellence.

9. THE XX – BASIC SPACE (JAMIE'S SPACE BASS REMIX)  And I thought Lunice remix was the best … Deep bass to accompany your trips to the forest at full-moon night. I got shivers listening to it.

10. Robot Koch vs Cerebral Vortex - Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword White Chocolate Chip Rmx) Super duo remixed by another super duo = uper joint!  

11. CLUBROOT - EMBRYO Beautiful sonic journey to the deepest excesses of your mind.

12. DEM FRANCHIZE BOYS – I THINK THEY LIKE ME (MOCHIPET REMIX) Master Mochipet hitting you with full force. This boy releases ONLY quality stuff.

13. LAZER SWORD - GUCCI SWEATSHIRT (LAZER SWORD ’09 ELECTRO MIX)  Cult myspace anthem of 2007 finally on vinyl in a new mix.

14. WOLF INTERVALS - ALL UP UNDER THE COVERS DAY Crazy and uber funny remix of SNL’s hit (feat. Justin Timberlake).

15. LORN - HOLLOW MAN Shhhhh... listen.

16. BEN SAMPLES - BLAKKA Pure fire from Denver!

17. NASTYNASTY – THE REEF (SLUGABED REMIX) NastyNasty and Slugabed - you better memorize these names. 2010 willl be their year!

18. DNAEBEATS – RAZOR KUT (160kbps) Street bass distorted beats. ME LIKES!

19. MOCHIPET - GODZILLA NEW YEAR (DAVID STARFIRE REMIX feat. iCATCHING) iCatching and David Starfire super tight, raw and powerful remix!

20. MIMOSA - SIRIUS  Oh boy, Mimosa is on the rise. Just listen to the bassline in this track!

21. NEIL LANDSTRUMM – COCONUT KESTREL Crazy, free-style electronica from the fantastic release of Baambata Eats His Breakfast.

22. CLP – I’M SO THRILL (feat. SPOEK - SWEAT X vs FS GREEN REMIX)  The best tool for drilling holes in you mind with burning heavy bass.

23. SCHLACHTHOFBRONX - GOOD TO GO Air-horn steppers from Munich in top form.  

24. BASSNECTAR - COZZA FRENZY (BASSNECTAR MEGA BASS REMIX). Huge, heavy, bwampy dubstep anthem of 2009!!

25. BIL BLESS – DRUNK O' WALLACE  One of the best releases in mid-tempo department this year!

26. RQM – BARELY EVIL (original mix) Great Polish-born Emcee, currently residing in Berlin, with tons of collaborations with beatmakers across the world (Robot Koch, Jahcoozi, CLP to mention a few), released a very good EP, with a few great remixes, but the original is what I like the best!

27. FAUNA - EL ZOMBIE (DISQUEDJ REMIX). Best nueva cumbia tune of 2009!

28. KITIMAT – AMSDN Ultra heavy, infectious bass in the best track of Motion Sickness compilation (Run Riot Records).