05 January 2010


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Let's start the fantastic 2010 (I hope) with some quality heavy bass, courtesy of Bobby Bonestorm.  Don't know much about this cat, apart from the fact that he is a Candian from Toronto, currently residing in China. But I do know he produces quite a banging tunes with pretty weird bassline. The weirder the better - this is a general motto of my neverending data-shuffling crawl through the noise and garbage of the surrounding reality (virtual and real) in search of hidden gems. Bobby Bonestorm's tunes deserve to be shed some spotlight on.

In particular the first one If she was your woman, with really dope and crazy bass. The second track with a code-name of SFHS offers a mixture of silly rave step and pumping, deep bass. Stupid time, happy time, indeed!

BOBBY BONESTORM - If she was your woman

SFHS by bobbybonestorm