13 January 2010


2009 really spoilt me with a fat selection of outstanding mixes. The list I present below is neither ultimate nor exhuastive, but these are 20 mixes most heavily rotated in my player throughout a year. Enjoy!


And the winner is.....

1. LAZER SWORD - SWEATPANTS MONEY MIX.  I love every minute of the mix Lazer Sword prepared for nalden.net They are the best, I f**k the rest ha ha ha. (blog post)

Runners up:

2. MARY ANNE HOBBS – WEST COAST ROCKS! This is not a mix as such, but a a radio show which already gained a cult status, offering the best introduction to eclectic sound of West Coast featuring crazily talented producers and DJ’s, club owners, pushers and dopers of the community. A MUST for any fan of modern electronic music!!!! In my opinion, the West Cost Rocks! has become for the American scene what famous Dubstep Warz in BBC 1 Experimental Show in January 2006 had become for popularizing the dubstep across the globe. (blog post)

3. EPROM – THE MIXTAPE A real nuke of the mix! Can't wait to hear his stuff, thanks God a few releases are pending very soon. (blog post)

 4. NOSAJ THING MIX for MAH show. I cried when I first heard this mix ...

 5. VARIOUS PRODUCTION - CLASH PODCAST Jan 2009. Beautiful, sad and mesmerizing music from one of the best production duos in electronic music as a whole. (blog post)
6. SLUGABED - MIX 4 QUIETUSSSSS This guy will be huuuuuuuge in 2010!

7. MISHKA PRESENTS PASSIONS - MUSIC WITHOUT TEARS  Cold, industrial, esoteric mix by the man better known as Math Head. Surprise of the year!!!! (blog post)

8. MEMEKAST 38 – SEXYTIME (MIMOSA + SLEEPYHEAD)  Glitchy, crunky melodic heaven in one of the best podcast series out there. Check the rest. (blog post)

11. ALEX B – BRAIN FOOD MIX FOR BRAINFEEDER Oh yeah, my brain demands this mix to be played regularly. Yummy!

12. GLITCH MOB - CRUSH MODE  Mobsters definitely release too little mixtapes (blog post)

13. RAFFERTIE - BIGGER THAN BARRY MIXTAPE  Raveeeeee oooooooon!!! (blog post)

14. SAMPLES – PU$$Y POPPIN MIXTAPE  Listen to da shizzle bitch! (blog post)

15. CLP – DJ MIX AT MIDSOMMER FESTIVAL BERLIN 2009 Chris de Luca first bombs the dancefloor with napalm and then throws some grenades to be sure no one survives. 

16. PANTyRAiD MIX for M.A.H.  PANTyRAiD dropping pants waaaaay down in a fantastic mix for Mary Anne Hobbs a(grab the entire show, including Falty DL and Architeq here)

17. MAX LE DARON - RAVE MUNDIAL VOL. 1 Nueva-cumbia, bersa disco, zzk records and more. Wicked!

18. PRESSHA vs. KAT1YST – PARTNERS IN GRIME One of the best glitch-hop / crunk / dubstep crossover mixes of 2009 (blog post)

19. DEBRUIT - FACT MIX  This Frenchman is definitely one of my favorite future hip-hop beatmakers. Weird, eclectic and extremely talented.

20. HEYOKA – GATE CODE PROMO Trippy glitchy dubs by one of the premiere West Coast producers. (blog post)