22 January 2010


Artist : Dusk Ensemble
Title : Dusk Ensemble
Label : Methodology Recordings
Cat no: METHOD02
Release date : 01/03/2010

01 : Nineteenth
02 : Twentieth
03 : Twenty First
04 : Twenty Second
05 : Twenty Fourth
06 : Twenty Fifth
07 : Twenty Sixth

This week I have been living in a kind of other dimensional vortex where the pressure from timesheets, ass-boss demands at work and kiddos at home brutally penetrated my protective bubble with the force that drained me of any creative energy and even multi-tasking did not work :( I felt like a fucking robot.

Thankfully I had a wonderful, soothing music to listen to, the music which kept my sanity in place. The project is called Dusk Ensemble (a pseudonym of Jon Rees, frontman of acclaimed art-pop outfit The Sky Is Blue). Self-titled release Dusk Ensemble, consisting of 7 absolutely gorgeous tracks will be released on Methodology Recordings on 1 March 2010. Dusk Ensemble came to my attention through another great artist, namely A Bridge Far Away formerly known as Forensics whose "Enchanted" was the debut release on this new, very promising label. Dusk Ensemble paints the spacey sonic textures with diverse elements of ambient, electronica, downtempo, minimal with bpm oscillating between 80 to 140. They all flow so smoothly and the production is so tight and impeccable that I've immediately developed an obsession, listening to this record like 20 times in a row before switching to some other stuff. I have not had such a craving for a particular music in a long, long time.

Let Dusk Ensemble take you for a jorney into the land of joyful sound, preview the entire release at Dusk Ensemble website. I can hardly wait for this album to drop on 1st March 2010.