06 January 2010

Gouseion and Graintable remixes (Run Riot Records)

To celebrate the new decade and the forthcoming Gouseion's LP - Retcon, Run Riot Records delivered a heavy-weight package of the remixes of Let's Crush which can be downloaded for free from their site. Don't sleep on this, satisfaction guaranteed.


Goseion, hailing from Portland, has established a very solid presence on the electronic scene in US with a few very interesting releases in the past two years. The leading banger of the forthcoming album (I'm eagerly waiting this release!) received a heavy treatment from a bunch of talented artists from US and Canada and Gouseion himself. I'm really stoked to see here in particular the three producers who came to my attention in 2009 and who during that year became among the best young guns in the glich hop / crunk genre. I'm absolutely positive you'll hear more about them and from them in 2010. Starting from Denver-based Samples whose heavy, liquid crunk style attunes so well with my music sensitivity. Gouseion's remix is no exception to this - crunky, burning bassline brought the original to the next level. Freddy Todd from Detroit also offers a heavy glitchy trip, but with lots of synths and weird melodies embedded. Expect more releases from him Run Riot Records in 2010. Finally, Graintable from Portland shows a perfect combination of well-crafted and distorted beats and spacey synths - in his trademark style, which I really, really dig. A Canadian LSP aka Longshanks refixes Gouseion's track in an acqua-crunk meets dubstep style with very nice neon synths and talking, heavy bassline. CaBfRee from Vancouver is the roughest and toughest of all with the final result quite satisfying. Gouseion himself changed his track into even more banging shit, he he he.

2010 starts where 2009 ended, that is with quality music. Oh, boy, I'm so stoked to for this year!

I want more and I get more from Run Riot Records. Another package of fantastic remixes. This time of one of my favorite tracks of 2009 and the Motion Sickness Comp, namely Graintable's Lost Frost. Grab the original and remixes for free!! (read Motion Sickness review on my blog).


Graintable is moving forward all the time and constantly developing his skills, he recently took Second Place at the Seattle Laptop Battle, has just released a remix of Gouseion and his other project Chip Chop (check this duo!) will drop a debut EP Launch Blank, Feb. 2nd on Run Riot Records. I wouldn't even like to start the list of big names of this scene who shared the stage with graintable during the gigs :)

This remix package is 'mellower and softer'than heavy crunk of the Gouseion Let's Crush but offers a wider variety of styles at the same time. From cut-up's of Gouseion or The Great Mundane's heavy synths through amen-based old-school flavored work by Samo Sound Boy,  to dreamy Devonwho's rework (my personal best in this package!). Highly recommended!