04 February 2010

Soundcloud Harvest pt. 2 - myles away, subPrime, PiranhaPiranha

Second Soundcloud review this month starts with a very dope remix by Myles Away. He is a musician/producer/DJ living and creating in Vancouver, Canada. He is a talented young gun, part of the prolific Integrated Grime Unit. Whomping bassline and heavy beats are his ting. Though he is quite new in the game, I've already heard a few of his productions, live sets and mixes and this boy really kicks ass with full energy appraoch to music! Check his remix of the pumping electro track by his friend producer from Vancouver by the name Nathan Suter. Myles Away created a dubstep/electro bootleg of the tune Bullets in my Brain. Beautiful girlie vocals, spacey synths and stomping beat - a perfect mix!

Bullets in my Brain (mylesAWAYdubstepREMIX) by myles away

Praeyr (Vancouver, BC) in a glitch-hop whompy and wobbley tune supported by ill-esha on vocals. TUNE!

A Place To Sleep (ft. Ill-Esha) by Praeyr

Ben Samples hits hard again, upping the bpm's to around 150. Crunky heavy bassline and wild acapellas. Me likes a lot!! First one is the Three 6 Mafia vs. Lil Jon remix. BANGER!!!!

Goose by bensamples

More ultra heavy dubstomp by Ben Samples (the term used by Samples, quite appropriately I'd say). The remix of Three 6 Mafia with crunky, talking bassline and layers of crazy synths on top. This boy is unstoppable.

Dope Boy Fresh (clean) by bensamples

Another heavy-weight player in the lot, subPrime, hails from Burlington, Vermont, USA. It is the alias of electronic music producer Matt Gutt . He produces bass heavy music that splices together a variety of genres including dubstep, glitch hop, IDM, and what not. subPrime also plays out with a dubstep PA of all original songs and remixes.

What a coincidence :) yet one more motherf...g mashup remix of Lil Jon. Pumping, bwampy, bass-heavy glitch hop of first order!! Download it before 100 downloads limit expires. Don't sleep on this track.  

SubPrime-Snap Yo Dreads (subPrime vs Lil Jon) by subPrime

and pretty dope remix of Ray Cash:

Ray Cash - Sex Appeal (subPrime Remix) by subPrime

Freddy Todd from Detroit drops again ultra crunky metal joints. All the robots please stand up, please stand up.

Ray Gun by FreddyTodd

Accidental Side Effect by FreddyTodd

Finally, a slight change of mood, moving from crunky stuff to a deeper sub-bass, dubby remixes by the duo of PiranhaPiranha,  hailing from Canada (again!!). Apart from being producers, Dan Solo and Mr. Geography also run quite a cool blog The Rinse Out and have a regular show in Calgary called Modern Math. First one is a super deep and super slow refix of hte classic Claude Van Stroke anthem of Beat that Bird.

Beat That Bird(Piranha Piranha ReHatch) by Dan Solo

Finally, a dubby electro remix of the Digitalism classic Zdarlight.

Zdarlight (Piranha Piranha Dub Mix) by Dan Solo