31 March 2010

Nasty and glitchy grooves for you

One of my favorite young producers of filthy, glitchy and crunky tunes, NastyNasty has just released on xlr8r for free download his sick edit of the totally mental Huarache by another young gun on the heavy bass / dubstep scene - Loops Haunt, hailing from UK. I'm a total sucker for Loops Haunt seriously twisted synths and off-the-hook non-synchronous beat or crispy industrial pads and snares. Don't know how, but NastyNasty somehow managed to turn this tune into even nastier business!

Filthy, drug-peddling midgets attack decent citizens in a highly entertaining, crunky track by Glitchy & Scratchy from the best Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit, including a few nice samples and the beat you should recognize.  More jokes of this type, please :))