18 April 2010

sicks a.m. - Who am i? mix

Super tight, bouncy and head-nodding glitch-hop hit parade mix by sicks a.m.hailing from Woodruff in USofA. PANTyRAiD's masterpiece Headcase opens up a fantastic journey through crunky stomp with a crew of heavy-weight champions of dirty, distorted synths, twisted beat and sick, metallic basslines, led by the Denver Bass Squad's badboy Samples, supported by king of subs - Subvert and finally the Aussie sensation, the majestic Opiou plus the usual suspects - Eprom, Ill-gates, Mochipet or Bassnectar. Even if you've already heard most of these tracks, their 'bwamp' factor had not evaporated - they still kick ass big time. Cop it NOW!

Who am i ? by sicks a.m.

1. PANTyRAiD - Headcase
2. Ben Samples - Dolla
3. Ben Samples - m16
4. Fiord - Keen String (Opiuo Formula One Remix)
5. Subvert - Size Matters
6. Nasty Ways - Schopwrekka
7. Ben Samples - Portal
8. Subvert - Dance Revolution
9. Opiuo - Glottal Stomp
10. Bassnectar feat. Cates & DPL - Backpack Rehab
11. Opiuo - Slip (Vent Remix)
12. Eprom - 64 Bytes (Ill Gates Remix)
13. Opiuo Bogan Protein
14. Mochipet - Lazy Day (Starting Teeth Remix)