18 May 2010

A Bridge Far Away - Giants / Forensics 111 Mix

One cannot live on stomp and whomp only, you have to feed the mellower, more laid-back and more emotionally demanding side of your mind.  There is no better way than listening to trippy downtempo or experimental electronica. 

A Bridge Far Away also known as Forensics is one of my favorite wizards of trippy downtempo ambient  but built not only on the extended sonic notes like e.g. Biosphere but rather on dubbed out spacey beat and pulsating bassline, while occasionally reaching further to dubstep aesthetics. Now I have a pleasure to post here, exclusive for Dr. Krank's  blog, a new ABFA track for your listening pleasure. Giants, hitting an unusual for ABFA 170bpm mark, is a fast and raw offering with powerful drums and live industrial-like instrumentation.


I also have a few remixes of ABFA tracks for download. Enjoy!

A Bridge Far Away - Drift ft. Indi Kaur (Grievous Angel remix)
A Bridge Far Away - Drift ft. Ind Kaur (Demon Remix)
A Bridge Far Away - Killer Bees (This One remix) (highly recommended)
A Bridge Far Away - Killer Bees (Be-1ne remix)

You should definitely check the latest album from ABFA - Reverence released a few weeks ago (Amazon, iTunes and other stores) to get a full picture of ABFA's music sensitivity, choosing between ambientish compositions and dream-like sonic landscapes and pulsating dubs. One of the best 'concept' albums released this year. Highly recommended! And don't forget about Dusk Ensamble's self-titled debut, relased on the same label Methodology Recordings some time ago (Amazon). Definitely a label to watch for the future.

ABFA tracks have usually varied from around 80-170 bpm, but are currently settling down at the 111 mark. ABFA / Forensics is one of the founders of an upcoming new movement called 111bpm. To learn more about this see one11bpm.com, or check this absolutely amazing mix  by Forensics. I have been a devout follower of Forensics mixes for more than 2 years now and 111 mix is easily among top-3 works by the man. Also check the thread on dubstepforum.com to see what artists and listeners think about this new movement.

Forensics - 111 Mix

01 : Framerate - The dance through time
02 : A Bridge Far Away - Antarctica
03 : JustAnotherAlias - Turn the corner
04 : Maree Jaine - Delivery
05 : Be-1ne - Canvas 10.06
06 : JustAnotherAlias - Roisin
07 : Ed Murphy Jr - Aftertaste
08 : Two Oh One - Three pillars
09 : Furcht - Der griefer
10 : Product - Metric
11 : Ed Murphy Jr - Century
12 : Windscale - Bog
13 : Two Oh One - Feel
14 : Unknown - Sistem pounda (Pon de 111 mix)
15 : Splitter - Harsh reality

Finally, great ABFA video: