12 May 2010

'Pon the dub floor - Luka vs. Love & Light

Listening to music on fast-forward atm, stopping to fish out some interesting dubby beatz and funn/ky glitch.

For instance, take this breakbeat tune from Luka crew from Liverpool (UK), based too much on one concept definitely, and cutting the length would help a lot, but when this concept really makes my head swing,  I shouldn't complain.

Luka - Stuck Behind a Learner by lukamusic

Some time ago I posted serious banging, glitch hop tunage from Love & Light (Probiotic & 4centers - from Reno in the USofA). They are back with more midtempo and dubstep glitched-out, stomping rollers. They really know how to rock the gears! More Liverpool in one of the tracks :)

The Beatles "A Day In The Life" (ProBiotiK Remix) by Love and Light

Shackles in the Back by Love and Light

All the dubstep heads so keen on a very characteristic wobble used in every second dubstep track produced at the moment should really listen to Love and Light treatment of wobble sound to hear how f...g crunky and sick the basslline can be, without being dull, boring and repetitious at all, at all. I'm really fed-up with all these 'filthy' dubstep tunes which have no creative quality, but this one is PROPER FILTH. Trust my werd!

DeaR DuBSteP, by Love and Light

and finally a great remix of one of my favorite glitchhoppers crew - Bluintinstrument from Australia.

Bit Wobble-Blunt Instrument(4centers Remix) by Love and Light