14 September 2010

Guttstar - Battery Hues EP

A few months ago I featured on my blog a sick mashup / remix of Lil' John's Snap Yo Fingers by SubPrime. As it turns out SubPrime transformed into GUTTSTAR, a dubstep producer which sounds like a bit happier version of the champion of purple sound - the mighty Joker. On 31 August 2010, Guttstar released a fantastic debut - Battery Hues EP on Party Guy Records. Let me tell you, these four originals and two remixes - by street bass don Dev79 and another heavy-bass gun from Philly - Kastle (B.Rich) - are the best, tightest and ass-kicking dubstep tunes I've heard in a long long while. 6 tracks of super high quality in one package does not happen every day, trust my werd!

GUTTSTAR a.k.a. Matt Gutt hailing from Burlington, VT, drops bangers full of smashing synths, talking basslines and crunky distortions, while building spacey and melodic sonic landscapes. Riding on filthy, heavy bass his tracks nevertheless possess a humane 'soul', which does not mean they cannot destroy any dancefloor :)  Oh, quite the reverse! Fresh Produce can be easily put next to Joker, Ginz, Gemmy or Rustie tunes in terms of production quality, interesting, intelligent composition and impact on the listener, while e.g. straight-in-yer-face Bomb Blast shows more US-oriented approach to heavy-bass, reminding me of Noah D and Babylon System productions. Not Money or Show again uses purple synths and stomping beat to deliver the absolute dancefloor banger and Tracers is a slow-burning riddim with pretty decent wobble. Dev79 has seriously cut up Bomb Blast, totally changing the rhythm and beat, turning the dubstep bomb into dirty street style banger and Kastle has brought Not Money or Show to yet another level of synth-frenzy.

All in all one of the best, most versatile and satisfying releases I've heard this year. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

The album is available at Juno, Dj Download, iTunes and many other digital retailers.

Album preview:

Battery Hues EP by Guttstar

Bonus: Grab these two Guttstar tunes for free:

Ludacris - How Low (Guttstar Remix) - * Free 320 * by Guttstar

Lunar Stick Shift - * FREE 320 * by Guttstar