26 October 2010

Montgomery Clunk - HEAT (Error Broadcast forthcoming release)

Error Broadcast can do no wrong. Seriously, for me this is definitely one of the best, most forward-looking, eclectic and fresh labels on the future mutant beat / neon front. They have found another, absolutely amazing 22-year old youngster. Again! His name is Montgomery Clunk, and he hails from Bucharest, Romania in Eastern Euroope. The first track I've heard from him - You Neon Night - was great but Heat from the forthcoming debut Superb EP on Error Broadcast (14th Nov - can't wait!!) - literally blew my mind off.  Just listen to these synths - it's a work of ART. This boy will be huuuge.

Montgomery Clunk - HEAT by Error Broadcast

You can also download You Neon Night by this Romanian Wunderkind:

Montgomery Clunk - You Neon Kinght by Gimme5