28 December 2010

Christmas selection of tunes

Here is a selection of various tunes I spotted while DOING NOTHING at work - bless be the period between Christmas and New Year's Eve when all the corpo sharks go for holidays leaving me lots of free time to roam the web.  

Sick childhood reminiscences in Moa Pillar's Childhood. Lots of delays and loopy vocals - me likes a lot!

Childhood by Moa Pillar

Bonus digital download from pixelord forthcoming ep FISH TOUCH on Error Broadcast. Can't wait to hear the full release!

Pixelord - Fish Touch (Leonard Dstroy Remix) by Error Broadcast

One more tune from pixelord's EP - oriental Om Unit remix. Dope.

Pixelord - Cybernator (Om Unit Remix) by omunit

Montgomery Clunk in this crazy tinfoil plays frivolously with his gear.

this crazy tinfoil by Montgomery Clunk

A special, nasty interpretation of Christmas Magic by one and only Low Limit. For big bwoys and naughty gals!


I'm not a big fan of dubstep remixes of all-time-classics or pop songs, but Minnesota's remix of California Dreaming is really nice.

California Dreamin' (Minnesota RMX)(320 DL) by Minnesota

Finally, great dubstep tune from Portland - by Cory O.  Rolling sooo sweet!

God Can't Save U From ME! TKO by Cory O