28 December 2010


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, the time has come, as every year to post a list of the best productions of 2010. Creation of the ultimate top list is a futile task, thus my ranking is just a tip of an iceberg, as 2010 was extremely good for music I love. There are definitely names and tunes missing from this list and I had to self-limit myself painfully not to spend days on setting up this monster. I deliberately ommitted a few bigger names like Starkey or Mount Kimbie, they will anyway appear on other lists. And to be honest, I don't understand how people can manage to squeeze all great music into top 10 ?!!?!?  As with Oscar awards - music released at the end of the year tends to be over-represented but this is a rule of the game. Enjoy my Top-23 tracks and remember this is veeery subjective so I accept no complaints :))  I wish 2011 to be equally good. Howgh!


1. Slugabed – Quantum Leap (Planet Mu)
Master of twisted synths wins no.1 spot.

2. Lorn – Army of Fear (Brainfeeder)
The beauty of electronic beast in melancholia.

3. Demokracy – Searchlight (Project Mooncircle)
From Russia with powerful synth L.O.V.E. Demokracy is top talented duo to watch in 2011!

4. Swede:art – Sex on the Airplane (Tokyo Dawn Records)
Sexy track from the sexiest debut this year!

5. Low Limit – Trapperkeeper (Numbers)
Super funky, mutant shizzle in unique Bay Area styleeee. Technically speaking it is from 2009, but was released in 2010.

6. Pixelord – Cartoon Friend (Error Broadcast)
Oh boy – the chip digital music by the Lord of All Pixels is killing me!

7. Emika – Double Edge (Ninja Tune) 
Deep, emotional, awesome!

8. Deadboy – Long Way to Go (Well Rounded Records)
I fell in love with this girl’s vocal immediately and the way Deadboy plays his keyboard - OMG.

9. Doshy – Sunset (Demokracy Remix) (Robox Neotech)
Germany meets Russia in one of the best and powerful remixes this year.

10. Moa Pillar – Water Lily (Error Broadcast)
More torrential hurricane of straight-in-yer-face synths from Russia. It hit me hard first time and I have applied the same treatment regularly since then.

11. Los Rakas – Abrasame (Uproot Andy Mix)
Ghetto tropical cumbia fantastique!!!

12. Magnetic Man – The Bug (Columbia)
Super Group in a super tune.

13. Roots Manuva – Witness (Slugabed remix) (Ninja Tune)
Sluga did a f...g remix!

14. Robot Koch – Brujeria feat. Graciela Maria (Robots Don't Sleep)
Top electronic producer and beautiful female vocal always work for me, though rarely with such a force as in this track.

15. Swede:art – I’m a R.O.B.O.T. feat. Blaktroniks (TOKiMONSTA remix)
Superb remix by TOKiMONSTA. Totally addictive.

16. Lazer Sword – Shot in the Nite (Innovative Leisure)
Funky disco era anthem! I want more.

17. Stephen Jacobs, Sugarpill feat. Naada – Level Attack (+verb spaced out remix)
Three great producers in one track plus a female vocal - what more can you wish from music?

18. Schlachthofbronx (f. Spoek & Gnucci Banana) – Ayoba (Top Billin remix) 
Air-horn carnival butchers from Munich and their great hit fantastically remixed by Finnish producer Top Billlin.

19. King Fantastic – Lost Art of Killing (Hollyrock)
Yo, bitches, time to rock your asses'n'ttities to this gangsta rap shit.

20. Disrupt & Soom T – Dirty Money (an-ten-nae remix) (Muti)
yeah yeah yeah yeah best riddim of 2010!!!!

21. PTR1 – Cold – (Concrete Cut Recordings) 
 Beautiful, deep, bass meditation made in Poland. World class production and unrivaled mood setter.

22. Inaudible – Quiet Addicts (bandcamp)
Sick, twisted, heavy bass horror show of epic proportions.

23. AQF – Born and Raised (AQF)
AQF was definitely born and reaised in hell. This tune is as dark as the darkest pits of hell, and I LOVE IT.

EOT. Can't wait for 2011 surprises and bangers.