07 December 2010

Finest Ego - Russian Beatmaker Compilation

Download Finest Ego Russian Beatmaker Compilation for free via project mooncircle bandcamp.

Project Mooncircle is another label which turns its attention to the thriving Russian beat scene. With quite promising results. Just like in the case of Error Braodcast's Fly Russia compilation, Finest Ego release encompasses quite a broad and eclectic music tastes. These young guys from Russia show remarkably advanced production skills and fresh, attractive appeal which is playful at times but extremely powerful at others. And once more, as in the case of EB's compilation, there is one absolutly kiling track which stands out among quite a decent selection. In Fly Russia this was Moa Pillar's Water Lily, whereas on Finest Ego Compilation it is Searchlight by Democracy. What an amazing, picteresque tune. This is a superb cinematic score to some 23rd century psychedelic SF thriller. Searchlight has been on constant repeat in my player for a week and I can't get enough! The sheer power of synths and pulsating melody is soooo overwhelming.

Searchlight (Finest Ego version) by Demokracy

Other highlights of this release include Pavel Dovgal's solid and slow-burning roller Is On Fire, Pixelord's  crazy button work in Zero One, laidback, glitchy, oriental suite in Moa Pillar's Way of Wind or great jazzy vibe in Long Arm's The Roots. Russian beatmakers confirmed once again that they have an enormous potential and quite a unique sensitivity which they are using in their electronic explorations. They are big but they will be much much bigger in the near future. I keep my fingers crossed!

Project Mooncircle summed up this release quite accurately:
The tendency towards advanced beats seems to be more and more a global phenomenon. As we already have said: Decentred beats for decentred people. During the last few years arose also in Russia a small, loosely networked scene of people, who have experimented with Hip Hop-beats. But in this case, the young Russians have no examples or references for this kind of music in the musical culture of their own country. All of their inspirations are taken from blogs and from the intensive study of their role models worldwide. The result is an organic, very playful, snappy and jazzy sound, which is carried by a common vibe, but is in the same way as diverse as the finest egos of the artists themselves.