08 December 2010

Sickrime Komitty - Fuck Th'Mole

I really respect people who are able to laugh at themselves and make me laugh in the process :) Th' Mole has the skill. Apart from being a really nice and cool dude, he is a very entertaining performer and producer. Listen to this diss song and sing-a-long ha ha ha.

Mocking lyrics on bandcamp page will definitely help. Here is a short snippet :)

goddamn, mole, haven't you ever heard of good
music? ..maybe you should try and do it.
. cause yours sucks - it's not even hip hop - it's
poppycock - you better make that shit stop.
.you love unicorns? i'd love to see you im-
paled on one - you're a failure, son.
. you got a song called how to be cool but if you
really want to be cool you'll kill yourself, mole

Sickrime Komitty - Fuck Th'Mole (via bandcamp)

... and don't forget to check a more 'serious' production from Th'Mole - I Love Unicorns maxi single, with remixes by Robot Koch (as usual, great synths!!!!), The Flying Skulls and Fietboer plus the psychedelic gibberish banger Shocky Guy Go. You'll understand better (i think) all those unicorn references above :)

Th'Mole - I love Unicorns (Maxi Single) (via bandcamp)