16 December 2010

Planet Soap - After Silkworm (Car Crash Set)


PLANET SOAP - After Silkworm
Car Crash Set
21 December, 2010 

Fantastic release dropping just at the end of the year - 'nough time to fit in into my Top Releases of 2010 list :))

Car Crash Set prepared a fat selection of of remixes of tracks taken from "Silkworm" EP by bass-trio Planet Soap from Milan, Italy (released in September 2010).  I haven't even listened thouroughly to the stuff but I already feel this might be a a surprise hit of 2010 for many listeners. Coming out of nowhere for some, but definitely not for the regular readers of my blog, as "After Silkworm" features the works of my favorite producers on the beat scene. Many of them from Russia - e.g. MOA Pillar, Damscray, Democracy, Pixelord, DZA. The case of Russian beatmakers actually reminds me a bit of an explosion of West Coast scene several months ago. Their music feels very fresh, they somehowe squeeze new juice out of the mutant beats, creating powerful works of art which perfectly attune with my emotions and expectations. The Russians are supported by other fantastic beatmakers from across the globe: + verb, HALP, BD1982, B-Ju, Coco Bryce, Apes on Tapes. Plus some names I don't recognize, but who also offer proper tunage, e.g. - spacey remix by UXO from Milan, mental trips by Harrison Blakoldman, Miqi O or MoreSounds hailing from France. In particular the wonky dubstep refix by Moresounds is top class! Their combined forces deliver a super fat package of very contemporary electronic music.  My personal highlights include, no.1 on this release, namely Wargames remix by Democracy - for real, these duo from Russia did it again and hit some soft spot in my neural construct with full force. This is another ultra powerful banger from them and I still can't get enough. This is closely followed by smashing, mind-twisting, broken beats in Damscray's (1/2 of Democracy) remix; sick, glitchy synths in Moa Pillar's track; button extravaganza of Pixelord; bubbling melodies of electronic erudite + verb or oldschool scratches and piano stabs in Coco Bryce's superb work. All in all the entire record is A MUST for any fan of future, twisted, mutant, contemporary beat and bass. One of the best releases this year without a doubt. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!!!

Liste to a selection of tunes via souncloud:

Planet Soap - Wargames (Demokracy Remix) by Demokracy

SynthPhony 4000 (Damscray Remix) by Planet Soap
(this is actually a remix of AlexKid98)

Planet Soap - Indian Care (MOA RMX) by Moa Pillar

Planet Soap - Indian Care (B-Ju Remix) by B-Ju

Grab the release this Monday via Junodownload. Personally, I would love to receive this release as a Christmas gift :)))