24 January 2011

SRBCST 04: Zet. – Don’t Forget The Dot

Selection of beats par excellence from a German mutant bass producer Zet in a fantastic mix for SashiRadioBlog from Ukraine. Zet  represents one of the most forward looking labels on Planet Earth, releasing new robotic music for humans, i.e. Robox Neotech. The set starts from a few ill tracks from Zet's Who is Hudson River EP and then proceeds to meticuously destroy the listeners with superb beats, heavy basslines and off-the-hook synths. For real, one of the great mixes I've heard in months! Good news is many of the tracks are forthcoming releases on Robox Neotech, featuring Demokracy, Damscray, Lakritze and Zet. CAN't WAIT. Plus my all-time-favorite technological roller - Humanoid by Eprom, great hyphy anthem - Slumper by Turf Talk or sick, twisted brap joint Jet Black by Lazer Sword. Absolutely top-notch selection and a must for any fan of contemporary, mutant, industrial, post hip-hop beats and heavy bass.