12 January 2011

Virtual Boy - Mass

Virtual Boy (a duo comprised of Preston Walker and Henry Allen) is a new addition to Alpha Pup roster. On 1 Feb 2011 they will release their Symphony No. None EP. Grab a single from this EP - Mass for free via Soundcloud. This is absolutely amazing piece of electronic music, with great cinematic vibe, spacey melodies, awesome orchestrations, engaging all your senses and emotions. This reminds me of my favorite soundtracks to the great movies of Korean director - Chan-wook Park (e.g. Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance), but enriched with this contemporary glitchy basslines made in West Coast.  Can't waith to hear the entire EP! What a day for spiritual music :)

PS. I'd like to thanks Shilo from Dancefever5000 for this tip.

Virtual Boy: Mass by ALPHA PUP