12 January 2011

Emalkay - Crusader (Dub Police)

Wow, Emalkay in this oldschool (innit?), broken step, junglist tune with fantastic drums just brought back all the great memories of dubstep glory back in the middle of the first decade of 21st century. Great video to the great music! Good to see Dub Police still in form :) If this tune does not turn you on and does not make your ass wiggle like crazy you should immediately see a proper doctor, 'cause DrKrank's blog is ain't no place for you!  

Check this Dub Police release on Boomkat. Unfortunately, the track on the flip - Power Tool is more 'up-to-date' meaning your typical drilling, heavy half-step roller, which is nothing special to be honest . But the A-side, oh yes the A-side is worth the money!!!

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