11 February 2011

Demokracy - Double Star EP

A few weeks ago, I already wrote a short review of the absolutely smashing new Double Star EP by Demokracy from Siberia (Russia). But, as the release drops today exclusively on Beatport. (8th of March in the rest of the virtuality), and I would really really like you to check this ultra contemporary music, hear me once more and check these beautiful and kinky beats and twisted synth extravaganza. Woth every penny!

Demokracy - Double Star Ep - Rbxep20 by Robox Neotech

The title track Double Star is the essence of Demokracy for me, showing their trademark, fluid and 'talking' synths and great rhytmic sections with analog drums and pads! And the melody! Well, they know how to tell 'stories' with their music, how to build full-fledged compositions or cut voice samples. The music you will never be bored with, eclectic, following its own path and what is equally important - with serious banger potential. When I listen to Demokracy in my car I nod and swerve my head like crazy ha ha. Double Star also features the mighty Searchlight which was in top-5 of my tracks in 2010, but this time with added great vocals by Didjelirium (whom you might remember from collaborations with Doshy). WOW! And I thought this tune could not have been better. There is also another, fat, dark and enchanting roller I heard before - Zeroth Law. I simply love these synths, smacking you across the ears with raw power, yet at the same time spreading strange warmth on your synapses. Fuck, I know I am starting to sound bombastic but this is how I respond and evaluate this type of music - on a visceral rather than cerebral level. Deadhead shows the most Skwee face of Demokracy with a totally amazing intro and siiiiiiiiiiick drops. I don't know what are their drinking or eating habits over there in Siberia, but I want the same. Pronto! Then, the artists take the listeners to the Zone full of 8-bit bleeps, crazy button improvisations, cut-up voice samples and drilling bass in a kind of broken beat frenzy. Voight Kampff is a pure mechanical beauty and the beast, lots of spacey synths and ultra heavy bass - the Daft Punk of the future. Awesome!

Double Star EP is the type of contemporary, mutant electronic music I wish to hear more in 2011. Don't sleep on Demokracy peeps. The new star is being born ... What is more, this will be followed by Double Star EP Remixes, incl. rmxes by Zet., Coco Bryce, Bass Science, Montgomery Clunk, Doshy, Stagga and more. Can't wait! .