31 March 2011

iL - apoLLo1ne3hree

Error Broadcast has just released a fascinating debut by the young producer from the US. iL's apoLLo1ne3hree EP is one of the most interesting and inspiring works I've heard in a while. Digesting this stuff took some time, but it was definitely worth it!

iL comes from Illinois and has a very peculiar and unique method of self expression, I must say. He produces heavily squashed, cut-up beats, patching weird and defragmented sound samples together as if by a hand of blind Chaos Magician practicing the art of making powerful audio sigils, creating a kind of swirling and nigthmarish stream of consciousness. I yet have to decide whether he is defending himself against his inner demons or whether he tries to attract innocent souls to his demonic world :) He goes far off the beaten track in the process, even for the beatz scene which is full of brave explorers of uncharted soundscapes. A listener versed in contemporary beat music will discover many familiar traits, from ambient, RnB or post-garage to Lucky-Me type of soulful dubs, but as a whole the listening experience is really one of the kind. Though this may not seem the case at the first hearing, iL mixes all the short pieces very craftily and skilfully delivering very individual and mature compositions. I appreciate artists following their own path, in particular when this path is not easy to sell to the general public. In the end such an approach will always payback in good fortune and respect. Enthusiastic reviews and opinions of iL's EP in the blogosphere seem to prove this. Naming highlights of this release makes no sense, this is the work of art to be digested end-to-end. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!

iL - apoLLo1ne3hree

iL - When She Wakes Up by Error Broadcast

... and a new sketch posted by iL to his soundcloud recently. The story continues ....

Turn off the sky and come inside with me by [iL]