05 July 2011


I haven't posted my charts for a while. I didn't have enough time for music as such, but I also feel the last 2-3 months were not very ripe with quality stuff, which of course does not mean there were no tunes worth checking. Presented below are 23 best tracks, more or less in order from "OMG! I can't stop listening to this"  to "What a great tune". All genuine killers! Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.


1. Modeselektor, Nazizi, Abbas – Monkeyflip (Out Here Records)
2. Damscray – Bug Detector (G5 Music)
3. Pixelord – Dominator (Soundcloud)
4. Lakritze – Phryne (Soundcloud)
5. Sduk – TeeHee (Slit Jockey)
6. Zomby – Things Fall Apart ft. Noah Lennox (4AD)
7. Nazizi, Jahcoozi, Abbas – Madhouse (Out Here Records)
8. Robot Koch vs. Flako vs. Lil’ Wayne – Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (mash-up)
9. Starkey - Bricks feat. Curly Castro (The Elementz Remix) (Seclusiasis)
10. Cex – Trumpetflower (Snafu remix) (Tigerbeat6)
11. Lando Kal – Time Out (Hotflush)
12. Halp – Fail (Seclusiasis)
13. Nocow – Pulkovo Heights ft. Lapti (G5 Music)
14. Slugabed – My Sense of Smell Comes and Goes (Ninja Tune)
15. Dolby Anol – Naboomboo (with Beccakhan) (Tigerbeat6)
16. Halo Nova – Tradicion Digitales (Generation Bass)
17. DZA – Starshark (Error Broadcast)
18. Elektropusher – Belcome Wack (Top Billin)
19. Luisterwaar - Praise the Lord-ah for Having No Job-ah (Saturate Records)
20. Cardopusher – Coppertoned Punch (Ghosts on Tape remix) (Tigerbeat 6)
21. Powell – Wonky Pixel (Jumble)
22. Teki Latex & Para One – 5th Dimension (Marble)
23. Travis Porter ft. Rick Ross & T-Pain - Make It Rain (Dev79 Remix) (Seclusiasis)