06 July 2011

Halo Nova - Goombaton EP (Generation Bass Presents MoomBah)

Global, transnational, ghetto bass prime blog Generation Bass has started a very interesting series of digi releases called Generation Bass Presents MoomBah. As usual, GB is fast to catch new developments on the global bass scene, now paying due respect to the phenomenon of Moombahton (they were instrumental in building the entire thing in the first place), which mixes strong Latin influences with very modern dancefloor-oriented, ghetto-tech/juke/dutch house beats, catchy vocal lines and heavy bass. Their first release in the series comes from a young and talented artist from Tampa, Florida - Halo Nova (aka Nick Pittsinger) and a package includes a few original tracks plus remixes by Sabbo from Israel and and Shazalakazoo from Serbia. The title track "Get Sticky" is a typical Moombahton  patchwork, while Sabbo turned it into a totally overwhelming ravey dancefloor beast with oldschool acid loops made in TB-303 and fast drums. TUNE! Shazalakazoo has a softer, but even more consistent approach, and in his refix created a fantastically rolling, melodic banger! "Panty Raid" builds up quite nicely, but it is another tune "Haunted Circuits" that finally delivers a spacey beat and Moombahcore mayhem. However, my personal highlight of this release is "Tradicion Digitales" with fantastic drums, great delays and super dubby beatz. Elektric riddim par excellence. Highly infectious and not to be played while sitting in your working cubicle as uncontrolled spasms of your limbs may scare the shit out of your co-slaves :)) All in all a very good release, highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Grab the instrumental of the title track:

Halo Nova - Get Sticky (instrumental)

and listen to the preview and keep your ears open for this release. It's definitely worth checking (though I can't give you the exact date).

GB Presents **MoomBaH SeSSionS EP ** **Volume 1** GoomBaToN - Halo Nova (mixed by Halo Nova) by generation bass

... this is all about the foot work

Generation Bass Presents MoomBaH - EP Series Volume 1. from Videomit on Vimeo.