07 September 2011

Ugress - Pushwagner soundtrack + Wulfhöken Spaceport Affairs


I have been a fan of Norwegian producer Gisle Martens Meyer a.k.a. UGRESS for years. He is among my top-10 artists currently working in the field of electronic music. It is really sad that not many people outside his home country know his fantastic compositions. Thus, I was really stoked to see his two new releases hitting the airwaves recently.

The soundtrack to the documentary on a famous Norwegian artist - Pushwagner is a collection of new and previously released tunes, now remastered and edited, showcasing diverse projects of Mr. Meyer - apart from Ugress, also Ninja 9000, Nebular Spool or Shadow of the Beat. The music is simply AWESOME! Pushwagner is the best soundtrack I've heard in a long time, a spacey cinematic trip through sad but beautiful and intriguing sonic landscapes. It is also the best release from Ugress camp in years. He perfectly builds the atmosphere, sometimes using extensive orchestration then moving to more low-key areas, just to return to a hectic, pumping beat and ear-catching synths which are his trademark.  He tells a story with his music, and I'll definitely buy a DVD with the documentary to see how it worked with moving pictures. People, don't sleep on Ugress, even if you've never heard about him. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Pushwagner is available via Ugress store, bandcamp, iTunes or any other digital service.

There will be also a physical CD release, but only packaged together with the DVD when the time comes.

Ugress - Pushwagner by GMM

A few days ago Ugress also released a new EP - Episode Three: Wulfhöken Spaceport Affairs. Starting from futuristic, club-oriented electro in Robot Revenge the artist takes the listeners for a rollercoaster ride through dubby Flutter (serious head-nodding bizniz!) and synth-driven extravaganza in Avenue des Silhouettes. We finally arrive at midnight to a secret location in my personal highlight of this EP - An Evening with the Enemy. Once again Ugress shows his strenght in building moody cinematic landscapes. Another release not to be missed. You can grab it for FREE from bandcamp.