14 September 2011

Nocow - Ruins Tape (G5 Music)

Alexey Nikitin a.k.a. Nocow has just released a free beat tape - Ruins Tape on the Syberian G5 Music label. I cannot think of any excuse not to grab this beautiful thing. Nocow is like an invisble spider weaving a dark, magic web of deep, throbbing sound based on 2-step / post garage beat. His trips are moody and oneiric, and sonic landscapes he paints through artificial machines, though heavily tained with melancholia and nostalgia, sparkle with emotions touching the listeners minds at some subliminal level. I devour these compositions in full, anxiously waiting for more, which hopefully happens soon, when Nocow releases his full-length LP on G5 music later this year. Dear readers, I wish you happy dreaming with Nocow. 

Also, watch out for the limited edition of cassette tapes, available soon via Sweatlodgeguru.com !

Nocow - You Got Me from G5 Music on Vimeo.