11 October 2011


Although I do this very rarely, I simply had to nick this from the messengers of good bass truth, i.e. Generation Bass blog, which once more proved to be a mine of real gems and which heralded this as "mixtape of the year". I agree 100%!! I post this in case you don't know / check generation bass (which I highly recommend, always) and to write a few comments, being blown to smithereens by the music I hear.

If zombies had their electronic music scene, GRIM would be their creepy f...g kings. Faded (chapter 1) is definitely the most unique and bizarre mixtape I've heard this year. It's like entering a new territory, where you have no idea what awaits you around the corner, except for the feeling that it must be something seriously scary but worth risking nonetheless. I love when music hits me sooooo hard emotionally. They call it post-trap, I'd call it post-trip :) as this sounds like coming down from a serious DMT trip, when the external reality is out of sync with your mental processes. Devilish, gripping, unnerving and with the vibe which would make Satan jelaous. I feel like dying ... I feel like dying ...

FADED RE-EDIT MIXTAPE CH. 1 by grim_music

FADED Chapter 1 is the first series, featuring all exclusive re-edit material, from Voodoo Village (a label hailing from Memhpis, US) creep kings - GRIM. Faded comes in advance of the release of GRIM’s EP, 7sins, coming from Voodoo Village before the end of 2011. I've never heard about either of them, but after this mixtape I'm instantly hooked up and virtually dying to hear their EP.

Diamond Bass – Nomada/All That
Three Six Mafia – South Memphis Bitch
Clicks & Whistles – Hello
Lil Daggers – Pair of Lives
Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying
Project Pat – I Keep That
Courtesy – Life, Man
Wiz Khalifa – On My Level
Com Truise – Colorvision
Koreless – Made In
Cities Aviv – Sixsixsixes
Gorillaz – Empire Ants

Bonus: Grim's creepy re-edit

Cities Aviv - Die Young (GRIM REEDIT) by grim_music