07 October 2011

Speaker for the Dead - Illusionaire EP

Speaker for the Dead is a producer, DJ, multi-instrumenalist from Philly who released a few days ago his debut EP called Illusionaire. This EP is worth checking just for the title track alone which is a real orgy of crazy distortions, guitar-like riffs and heavy basslines plus overwhelming synth work. A track which perfectly fits the description "It blew my mind" :) James Sauppe is an intelligent and skillful producer and offers much more thank sick drops and bowel-twisting sonic assault. He actually creates very interesting, listener-friendly Intelligent Bass Music, each tune a fully fledged composition telling different story, using different patterns and having a lot of space for unraveling various paths for listener to follow. His music is often disturbing and unnerving, like in my personal best tunes on this EP - Illusionaire, Particle Voyager or Sunset on Mars, but also offers a cinematic 'depth', like in Nocturnal or Fade Out.

Don't hesitate peeps, grab this EP on iTunes, CD Baby, amazon and at other stores.

Interview with James Sauppe a.k.a. Speaker for the Dead

illusioNaire EP by Speaker for the Dead

Listen to Speaker for the Dead's Mixtape presenting tracks from the current EP and future releases.

IllusioNaire Mixtape by Speaker for the Dead