06 October 2011

P-Fang - Graveyard (Robox Neotech)

Gothic zombie bass has arrived from the US in the form of a scaarryyyy single Graveyard for mighty Robox Neotech by P-Fang hailing from SF. A morbid prelude to his EP coming soon on R/N. I've been waiting for this release anxiously for more than a year, after being totaly overwhelemed by the strange, dark and eerie sound of Midnight, Graveyard 2010 and Hall of Horrors mixtape.

Graveyard comes as a single including two versions of the title track and three cool remixes by Damscray (half of Demokracy), Low Limit (half of Lazer Sword) and Ghosts on Tape. Graveyeard 1985 is nice but cannot beat heavy basslines, sick bells and quirky vibe of 2010 version. This tune will seriously f..k with your brain! I thought one cannot improve the original, until I've heard juke's version by Damscray. Adding fast drums, but most of all - voice samples brought the game to yet another level of quirkiness and "Gimme the Graveyard, Gimme the Graveyard" will stuck in your head like burnt with branding iron. Definitely, NOT recommended for mentally unstable listeners. Low Limit, on the other hand, turned Graveyard into fantastic old-school acid space battle with lazers flying looooooooow. Dancefloor smasher for sure! Ghosts on Tape refixed another P-Fang's tune, Spiders. Most complex of the three remixes, continuously introducing new elements, transforming and changing, sounds like lo-fi, monochromatic patchwork of recycled sounds or live recording :)  Strange and gripping.  All in all another sick release from Robox Neotech presenting really unique and twisted music for your kinky pleasure. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Rbxep24 P-fang - Graveyard - with Rmxes by Damscray,Low Limit and Ghosts on Tape by Robox Neotech

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