18 October 2011

P-Fang - Tales of Terror 2011

Dark tales from graveyard zombie king P-Fang continue in the stinky, meaty and growling mixtape Tales of Terror 2011 (Oh I remember how you scarred me last year with your mix). Creepy beats from hell and eerie sonic trip is what I need this Autumn! Forget about your plastic pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, THIS is real deadly halloween vibe. The Dead will walk the Earth...

p-fang - tales of terror 2011 mixtape by p-fang

creepers2011 feat. trick daddy & iconz
crunkenstein feat. trillville
skeletons feat. night in a graveyard
fog juice feat. lord infamous
graveyard 1985

Robox Neotech will release P-Fang's EP - The Crypt on Halloween. Can't wait. Listen to the preview below.

rbxep25 - P-Fang - The CRYPT by Robox Neotech