19 October 2011

Modeselektor - Carhartt Radio Tour Special Mixtape

I've been listening to the Monkeytown LP by Modeselektor constantly for the last few days. Definitely one of the best, conscise and top-notch releases this year. Modeselektor just dropped another fine piece of music, a Carhartt Radio Modeselektor Tour Special featuring tracks by themselves and other artists from the Monkeytown and Fifty Weapons roster - e.g. eLan, phon.o, Dark Sky, Lazer Sword, Apparat, Siriusmo. Very nice showcase indeed!

Carhartt Radio Tour Special: Modeselektor - Monkeytown Show by Carhartt Work in Progress

phon.o - abaw 723
elan-alligator snaps (cosmin trg remix)
elan-bleep bloop brrmmp (lazer sword remix)
2562-wind up
dark sky - neon
anstam-into the bull run
apparat-king of clubs

Staying in Monkeytown a bit longer, here is an artwork of the forthcoming limited edition color 10 inch of Lazer Sword's single "Sounds Sane / Klock" (to be released on 25 Nov 2011on Modeselektor's label) which will give you some hints as to what expect from their second LP to hit the market next spring. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

... and a short snippet of Sounds Sane

Lazer Sword "Sounds Sane" (MONKEYTOWN019) NOV 25 by Modeselektor