11 February 2012

Fulgeance presents "Connecticut" Beat Tape

I'm a great fan of Fulgeance, the champion of MPC's and live acts. A few weeks ago I had a pleasure to enjoy his live performance in Warsaw... and this was really amazing. Now, Fulgeance released a Beat Tape produced by his side project called Connecticut (never heard of them!) This is a duo consiting of Fulgeance and DJ Blockbass. The Beat Tape is a collection of unreleased, often unmixed tracks with tons of great samples, showing a more adventurous and off-kilter side of this talented producer. The sound fluctates from midtempo electronic excursions a'la Prefuse 73 or Dabrye and twisted hip-hop beats through laidback jazzy passages to experimental electronica. A lot is going on, you'll never get bored listening to this stuff. I love such unpolished, raw, fat and unrestrained beat orgies. A real POWER! Fulgeance writes that these are old tracks and beats, but they kick ass nonetheless. If you like music presented by Fulgeance on his blog Musique Large you know what to expect. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY DOKTOR KRANK.

Connecticut has some releases on Eklektik Records.

Fulgeance presents "Connceticut" Beat Tape by fulgeance