20 February 2012

Evy Jane - Evy Jane EP (King Deluxe)

Artist : Evy Jane
Album : Evy Jane
Release Date : 2/20/2012
Genre : Electronic
Label : King Deluxe

01. Sayso 3:56
02. Ohso 4:46
03. Ohso (Max Ulis remix) 4:42
04. Sayso (Taal Mala remix) 4:26
05. Sayso (Julien Mier remix) 3:38
06. Ohso (Andy Dixon remix) 3:51

EVY JANE, the experimental R&B duo from Vancouver of Evelyn Mason and Jeremiah Klein have released an enchanting, blurred and ethereal self-titled EP featuring two original tacks and a few remixes. Digital format drops today on King Deluxe, following with vinyl release in March.

Sayso is a perfect soundtrack to a lazy Indian Summer afternoon, when everything seems to be 'frozen' with overwhelming heat. Mesmerizing post-dubstep drums and beat, spaced-out vocals and beautiful synths really melted my mind. I thought this was a perfect, gripping tune until I've heard Taal Mala's remix :) He placed a few bleeps and beeps here and there, played with synths a bit, thus making it even more dreamy and psychedelic. This track has stuck in my player for good! Ohso is a more conventional treat, a synth-ladden bass trip through rather well-explored territories, but quite catchy nonetheless. As in the case of the former tune, Max Ulis has done a great job refixing Ohso into nicely rolling future garage thing. Remixes by Julien Mier and Andy Dixon, available only in digital format, add more nice flavors to the package.  Another strong release from the Canadian label. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

EVY JANE - Sayso from Evy Jane on Vimeo.