26 March 2012

New beatz new kicks f. +verb, exit!, liar, daniel savio, piotrus pan, souleance, tom encore & paszczak.

I'm back from a short hiatus caused by a nasty viral infection. These small microbes are getting stronger and stronger and produce even weirder and unexpected effects (sigh). I have accumulated tons of music in the meantime, I just throw a bunch of links for you to check. Some really good stuff in here.

Spacey, sonic landscape like no other in Liar's Origami Bound from his latest, amazing EP - Undance. I LOVE this tune.

Cryogenic Lazer Booty by the master of super crispy clean bass - + verb

Cryogenic Awakening by +verb

Glitchy, abstract and amazing beatz in Female by Exit! - a young producer from Tibilisi (Georgia). One of the best releases this year!

Trippy Crunky Skwee by Daniel Savio

Nathan No Face (half of CrimeKillz duo and member of infamous Machina Muerte crew) in a dark, devilish remix by Piotrus Pan - a Polish producer, currently residindg in Berlin.

What The Devil Wants Piotrus Pan Remix by N8NO FACE

When Lowriders Recordings release music, you know it must be good! Power Shuffles V/A is no exception offering footworked skwee ghetto beatz by a/o + verb, damscray, motem, leatherface, acre. RECOMMENDED!

V/A Power Shuffles by Lowridersrecordings

... on a more funky tip - Souleance (Soulist + Fulgeance) from a new EP Le Guarmandise, which preceds their highly anticipated debut LP. Can't stop smiling and shaking my head listening to La Ville Rose :)

B1. La Ville Rose by Souleance

Finally, a funny, banging glitch hop collab between Tom Encore and Paszczak from Poland. Dziwkoooooo!

Tom Encore & Paszczak - Lazer Fetish [FREE Download ! ] by paszczak