13 June 2013

Ezekiel - Twilight of the Dogs EP (MOVELTRAXX)

Moveltraxx have consistently delivered ass-kicking, jumpy, gettho funky music over the years. Once in a while they produce a real pearl - like this new EZEKIEL's EP - Twilight of  the Dogs. I very rarely nowadays come across releases which are flawlessy produced, gripping from the very first note, offering versatile music going beyond fashionable genres of the moment (though of course using them in a clever way - trap in this particular case). Twilight of the Dogs is an eclectic, high-quality concept package, unlike so common "1hit-4fillers-3remixes" by up and coming artists. It has very deep and dark vibe, which I particularly like in bass music, each track catches my ear and for a different reason. From angry "Mota" f. KAi Sky Walker, through trap anthems like "Gurrr Swag", or "Golden Eye" to tekknish "Twilight" (again with great vocal samples) or metal synth-driven "Death Grin", Ezekiels paints his soundscape with deep, dark bass and great beats. No surprise the related videos are also top-class. Don't sleep on this peeps! Highly recommended. Available on itunes, juno etc.

... and this is how Moveltraxx crew rolls :))


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