09 April 2015

Ethan Glass - Molten Chore (SATURATE! RECORDS)

"Molten Chore" by a Virginian Ethan Glass is a slow-burning and bass-heavy offer from Saturate! Records. As the label's name obliges, tracks are properly saturated with broad aural landscape laden with stomping beat, harsh drums, neon keys and occasional 'space invader' cheap music bleeps and beeps. Though definitely flirting with trap (e.g. "Cheeba Chewbacca" or "Great Barrier Reefer"), the EP has much more to offer and shows its best in purple spacey excursions like in my favorite track "Black Whole" or EPROM-esque "T-Rekt". Ethan definitely knows how to operate his gear and creates very consistent, versatile sound which cosmonauts of the future would have definitely found comforting during their lonely trips to Alpha Centauri or Sirius. In the meantime this music seems to be quite an effective tool to play havoc on terrestrial dancefloors. Highly recommended!


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