Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ethan Glass - Molten Chore (SATURATE! RECORDS)

"Molten Chore" by a Virginian Ethan Glass is a slow-burning and bass-heavy offer from Saturate! Records. As the label's name obliges, tracks are properly saturated with broad aural landscape laden with stomping beat, harsh drums, neon keys and occasional 'space invader' cheap music bleeps and beeps. Though definitely flirting with trap (e.g. "Cheeba Chewbacca" or "Great Barrier Reefer"), the EP has much more to offer and shows its best in purple spacey excursions like in my favorite track "Black Whole" or EPROM-esque "T-Rekt". Ethan definitely knows how to operate his gear and creates very consistent, versatile sound which cosmonauts of the future would have definitely found comforting during their lonely trips to Alpha Centauri or Sirius. In the meantime this music seems to be quite an effective tool to play havoc on terrestrial dancefloors. Highly recommended!

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Thursday, 13 June 2013


Moveltraxx have consistently delivered ass-kicking, jumpy, gettho funky music over the years. Once in a while they produce a real pearl - like this new EZEKIEL's EP - Twilight of  the Dogs. I very rarely nowadays come across releases which are flawlessy produced, gripping from the very first note, offering versatile music going beyond fashionable genres of the moment (though of course using them in a clever way - trap in this particular case). Twilight of the Dogs is an eclectic, high-quality concept package, unlike so common "1hit-4fillers-3remixes" by up and coming artists. It has very deep and dark vibe, which I particularly like in bass music, each track catches my ear and for a different reason. From angry "Mota" f. KAi Sky Walker, through trap anthems like "Gurrr Swag", or "Golden Eye" to tekknish "Twilight" (again with great vocal samples) or metal synth-driven "Death Grin", Ezekiels paints his soundscape with deep, dark bass and great beats. No surprise the related videos are also top-class. Don't sleep on this peeps! Highly recommended. Available on itunes, juno etc.

... and this is how Moveltraxx crew rolls :))

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

N.I.P. and M.A.A.D City remixes by EPROM

EPROM, One of my best ever producers and most of all remixers has just unleashed two amazing remixes which I believe will become cult classic of many parties and mixes to come (definitely during Boilerroom hit parades - well, you probably heard them there already played by EPROM's Bay Area fam). The remixes are free, and you know you MUST grab them. Can't wait for Eprom's second LP later this year.

Kanye West & Jay-Z - N.I.P (Eprom Remix) by Eprom

Kendrick Lamar - M.A.A.D. City (Eprom Remix) by Eprom

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chief Keef - Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)

RL Grime does no wrong. Another huge trap remix by the tireless dude. ACE!

Chief Keef - Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix) by

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A day of good tunes continues. Gunman Riddim by Dj Venum is a fucking monster of a Garage track with nice hardcore flavors. Great tool for office fitness! Download for free.


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'Same Way' by a Dutch youngster GANZ on a new freebie series MONDAZE Finest by Saturate Records! is a breathtaking tune which has been on a constant repeat in my player for the last two days. Totally infectious trip through beautiful, cinematic soundscape.


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Monday, 29 April 2013

STRTMIX015 Bleep Bloop - A Drop From A Cloud Mix

±ṪHE ƦξVЁR∑NƉ BLEEⱣ BLOO₱ in a fantastic mix for Saturate Records. Lots of slimey, glutinous trapish mind-beatz and f**g mind-boggling bleeps and bits. All music by the Reverend himself and a bunch of usual suspects. Liquid!


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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


One of my favorite labels Saturated! Records will release this month a third instalment in their SATURATED! series, full of mind-twisting ass-kicking goodies. Listen to this mix showcasing the tracks being part of the must-have compilation.


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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Origami Sound - The Year in Review mix pt. 1 and 2

Origami Sound is a very interesting and forward-looking collective of three labels (Dark Clover, Farver, Origami Sound) and a few dozen artists, consistently pushing the boundries of electronic music. I am a big fan of their productions, as they often evoke strong emotions, and emotions are the real essence of communing with any art, but music in particular.

Origami Sound has released two amazing mixes The Year in Review showcasing the best tunes by artists from their roster and other worth noticing joints. Both parts are fantastic and include many memorable tracks, e.g. in part 2: one of my favorite tracks of 2012 (I've somehow forgotten to include it on my top tracks lists) - ILL BLU - Tick Tock, Liar's mental trip - Benzolovers, next to jungle rave Desire by Hostage or totally addictive Stimming's Trombone. Part 1 features, apart from the obvious Kanye West's remix, the powerful Tissue Box by the young blood from Saturate! - Raadsel and Luisterwaar, great footwork beat and riddim in Dub Phizix feat. Fox - Never Been  or f****g awesome dub techno in Justin Martin - Molokini (Pezzner's Dugong Dub).

Both mixes covered 20 tracks, with 80 still to go in subsequent parts, for which I am waiting eagerly. QUALITY!!!

2012 - The Year In Review // Part 1: 100-91 by Origami Sound

2012 - The Year In Review // Part 2: 90-81 by Origami Sound

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


2012 was not a bad year, music-wise. Though I have been extremely busy and my blog suffered. Which does not mean I did not have time to listen to music, on the contrary. Here is a very random, subjective selection of tunes that were frequent guests in my player. The list should consist of twice as many items, and it includes more hyped "crowd-pleasers" and obvious choices than usual, probably due to the fact that 2012 delivered plenty of them. As for the new trends - We are Trapped and Techno is Back.
                                Happy New Year, May the Good Music Be With You.


1. Kanye West – Mercy  (RL Grime & Salva Remix)
      The best remix and track of the year.

Kanye West - Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix) by SALVA

2. TNGHT – Higher Ground (TNGHT EP / Warp)
     Close tie with RL Grime’s and Salva’s refix of Mercy in my ranking of the best ‘party’ tune of 2012.  Their performance at Tauron Festival in Katowice was legendary.

3. Krampfhaft – I Needed You (Om Unit remix) (Rwina Records)
Two of my favorite producers on the electronic scene represented in one of the biggest anthems of 2012. A true masterpiece!!

Krampfhaft - I Needed You (Om Unit Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Om Unit

4. G Jones – Alias (Boeboe Remix) (Mirage EP / Saturate! Records)
      ARghhhhh! This remix is hot hot hot and G Jones is THE brightest star currently shining on the Saturate! firmament. He offers a unique futuristic trap / juke / experimental electronica blend that works just perfectly at home and in da club! (Read the review of Mirage EP here)

5. Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Metahuman / Rwina Records) 
 If you haven’t heard this tune played at the party, the party probably sucked or there were no hipsters around :)))) In my personal ranking, the best Eprom’s tune since Humanoid.

A EPROM - Regis Chillbin [RWINALP001S] by Rwina Records

6. Fancy Mike – VVVV, 1997 (Mary B. James album/King Deluxe) 
Beautiful cinematic music. I wish there were more artists like Fancy Mike around.
7. Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage   (His He She & She / Hinge Finger)
Mega-hyped tune that every DJ I know wanted to play which, surprise surprise, deserves all the hype. Off-kilter, stomping techno beat with horror samples and totally fucking awesome and addictive bassline. KILLER!

Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage by Beegie_B

8. Oneone – Magic Comb (Memory 9 remix) (Short Story EP/Saturate! Records)
Short Story EP by oneone (Gergő Galambos) hailing from Budapest is another great release on Saturate! Enchanting.
9. Gent & Jawns – Turn Up (Mad Decent) 
Trap anthem with trancey build-ups :) promoted by Diplo’s Mad Decent. Heavy party roller.

Gent & Jawns - TURNUP **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Gent & Jawns

10. Sinjin Hawke – Crystal Dust (The Lights EP/Pelican Fly)
   BANGER which can be put next to TNGHT’s ‘Higher Ground’ as the hardest kicking party tune of 2012 !!! And this is just one side of the versatile work of this very promising young producer. The entire EP is full of gems.

11. Pixelord – Been Lookin (Supaplex EP/ Civil Music)     
Pixelord in top form ! Party smasher.

12. RL Grime – Grapes Alla Vodka (Grapes EP / WEDIDIT)
Crunky trap monster of a track !! Check the entire EP as it includes equally wicked remixes by Salva, Shlohmo, Groundislava and LOL Boys. Easily one of the best releases this year!

13. Teielte – Selcouth (Liquid Molly remix) (Wooden Love EP/U Know Me Records)
Banger from the best Polish release this year. (Read a review of this EP on my blog )

14. Illum Sphere – Agent White (Kidkanevil Agent Black Remix) (Illum Sphere Remixed/Fat City)
   Kidkanevil refixing one of my personal best tracks ever - Illum Sphere's Agent White, with breaks and all :)

15. ENiGMA DUBz – We Make It Work! Ft. Trilla & Screama (for40records)
  Serious head-nodding grime biznisssss!

Enigma Dubz Featuring Trilla & Screama - We Make It Work (Firin Squad ChoiceFM 17/11/2012) by four40records

16. A Thousand Years – No light (Farmers in Fields of Stars/King Deluxe)
  Moody house tune

17. Andy Stott – Lost and Found (Luxury Problems/Modern Love)
   My favorite track from an interesting, if a bit over-hyped, Luxury Problems. Trap techno or what? Anyway, Andy Stott’s music creates a unique listening experience, painting soundscapes with slowed down techno beat and muted bass. Plus his treatment of the voice of his former piano teacher is simply excellent .

18. Daniel Drumz – Not This Time (Sleepless State of Mind EP/U Know Me Records)
    My favorite track from another perfect release by a Polish producer Daniel Drumz. More Polish power coming from U Know Me Records. Impeccable production skills, great synths and unique, futuristic sound. World quality music to say the least.

19. Liar – Origami Bound (Undance / Farver Music)
     Sad and beautiful techno love song.

20. M.I.A. - Bad Girls (Surkin remix).
     I love the original, and Surkin's remix stands out from the host of inevitable refixes of M.I.A.'s hit. This tune helps A LOT when driving a car in the traffic jam :)


21. Ptr1 – Remote Kind of Sadness (Carte Blanche EP)
    Polish producer PTR1 unraveling an absolutely enchanting bass story. I love his emotional and touching sound landscapes

22. H-SIK – Gallerry (Cocody EP/ Error Broadcast)

     Grimey, jukey ghetto beast by an African artist - Herve Sika.
23. Madrid - Ima Work (Soundcloud)
    This is how they roll in their trap swag.

Ima Work by MΔDRID

24. Kidsuke – Tiny Concrete Block (Kidsuke / Project Mooncircle)
     Beautiful beatz in this little tiny gem by Kidsuke (Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe), the most promising collab of 2012.

Kidsuke (kidkanevil x Daisuke Tanabe) - Tiny Concrete Block by kidkanevil

25. Future f T.I. - Magic (Starkey Remix) (Street Bass Bootlegs 2 / Seclusiasis)
Street Bass is the brand that never disappoints and Starkey delivers as usual 

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