10 March 2009

Wonky Ketamine Dubstep Zomby WTF???

A well known journalist and writer Simon Reynolds, which has quite an impressive record of publications about diverse music styles and theories, focusing quite often on the role of drugs in the circles of music-lovers, went much much too far in his theoretizing about the role of Ketamine in the 'wonky' music scene. What a total pile of rubbish!

In the Guardian's article "Feeling wonKy: is it ketamine's turn to drive club culture?" he proposes a theory about ketamine being the drug of choice for producers and listeners of wonky music (I will leave aside his definition of wonkiness). He mentions producers from Hyperdub label and adds Hudson Mohawke from Lucky Me on top. His stupid (yes, quote me on that) argument follows the logic along such lines, more or less: "And how about the fact that Zomby is the name of the genre's leading producer, while "zombies" is the most common description of K-heads made by people who deplore the drug's effect on the vibe in clubs? Just coincidences, maybe" Ohhh purleeeeasseee give me a break man .................