24 April 2009

Jokers of the Scene - Since our last report many things have changed (Actual Pain Mixtape)


I always preferred Jokers of the Scene to their buddies from Fool's Gold, i.e. Nick Catchdubs or A-Trak, and with this great, deep and acid mix JOTS has earned even more respect from me. Isn't it funny that yesterday I posted (quite unexpectedly for most of the readers of my blog) a note about Throbbing Gristle and today I listen to JOTS who start their mix with the Motor Remix of famous TG track - Persuasion !!!

I'd call it the most unexpected intro to a mix coming from this particular scene. Kudos to JOST for such a selection. Listening further into the mix I realized that TG intro was not a coincidence, JOST went into different territories with their music. It is still electro-oriented, but much deeper, slower, a bit old-schoolish and very very psychedelic (yeah, just check the artwork for this mix) And you know what - I f..................................................g love this sound. Guys with acid please stand up, please stand up!!! I am in a need.... Are JOTS aiming at LSD revival or something??? Or am I being nostalgic?? Just look at the tracklist.