25 April 2009

Preshish Moments - Preshwrecka Compactotrax vol 1. GLITCH CORE!!!!

http://www.preshishmoments.com/preshwrecka.zip (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Preshish Moments, breackore / glitch producer and above all remixer, representing Daly City, just released a free 12 minute / 7 track music gem called Preshwrecka Compactotrax vol 1. He serves super intense glitch core of which I am quite fond recently (after being torn to pieces during the glitch hop / breakcore set by Mochipet here in Warsaw).

Hip hop accapelas are treated by Preshish Moments with the delicacy of a big industrial press and subjected to heavy, freestyle knobs and buttons extravaganza. This led to creating quite an interesting mish-mash of sounds, starting from more or less standard glitch hop (no. 2,3) to slowed-down to the maximum, glitchy, heavy and even a bit psychedelic tracks (no1, no. 6) through "oh' I dropped to much speed and I have to talk pretty fast" happy hardcore (no. 4) to the absolute highlight of this release (no. 5) which is Preshish Moment's refix of Gucci Mane's: Pilz - totally contagious, breakcore treatment of this famous anthem is the best remix, I've heard, next to the Zomby’s garage version of Pilz on his Where were you back in 92’s album.
Giving it a try I encourage you. IT's FREE!!!!!

Finally, don't forget to check the latest installment in the Mochipet's Microphonepet remixes series, namely reCored which has been just released (great artwork!!). Listen here. It includes a very good remix of Lazy Day by Preshish Moments.

Track Listing:
01) Girls & Boys & Toys (NastyNasty Tits & Asscot Mix)
02) Lazy Day (Preshish Moments Remix)
03) Girls & Boys & Toys (The Fez Remix)
04) Girls & Boys & Toys (Deleete Remix)