16 April 2009

Mochipet and Th'Mole free killer tracks on xlr8r

I can hardly wait for tomorrow's live set by Mochipet in my hometown in Poland (17.04.09 Warsaw, @ Obiekt Znaleziony). I am absolutely sure he will destroy the dancefloor with hardcore glitchy beats and bass and the dancers' sweat will liquefy under the ceiling of the venue located in a basement of an old building which fortunately has thick walls tested regularly by dubstep sound systems. Mochipet has set up a special Master P on Atari blog with photos, movies, party flyers and more, so you can track his triumphant march over the Europe.

Two free goodies from Daly City boyz:

Dem Franchize Boys - I think they like me (Mochipet remix) Check and download this remix of Atlanta based hip hop crew. Based on the beats and instrumentals from the title track of Mochipet's Master P on Atari album, "I think they like me" is future-blap number packed end-to-end with electronics, according to xlr8r. Word! Best remix this year so far.

Th'Mole - How to be cool (Robot Koch Remix) Great track by another artist from Daly City, finally gaining wider recognition which he fully deserved. Actually, this track is now TOP RATED MP3 on xlr8r!! and I fully support this verdict of the listeners. Check my blog for a review of weird, bombastic, original and very very entertaining release by Th'Mole - Greatest Hits (Ha, Ha, Ha) vol. 1

Mochipet is already on the European Tour, whereas Th'Mole is currently looking for bookings on his European tour starting at the turn of April/May (if I remember correctly, check Th'Mole's myspace for details). All you pimp promoters now have a great opportunity to invite this ONE_MAN_SHOW to your town at modest costs. Do it before he gets uber famous and starts charging 1000 EURO per gig :) I'm not exeggerating much, just check comments section on xlr8r's page, people are really digging his music.

I can also reveal that some arrangements are underway and maybe, maybe (nothing certain yet) we will have an opportunity to see Th'Mole in Poland soon. What a Daly City double - feature this would be!