08 April 2009

Starkey - Seclusias Radio Show - April 6th, 2009

Starkey - Seclusias Apr 6, 2009

Starkey in big form after his Australian tour. First show in SubFM Seclusias show in April was smashing. Full of Starkey staff and remixes (Playdoe - Freeze Step !!) plus tonnes of killing tracks from other artists. Like this insane dude Raffertie. I love him! Or Womprat "Airfreight" - another sickness. Plus very nice remix "New In Town" by A1 Bassline, wonky extravaganze from Zomby with "Fish don't have fingers" and last but not least: EPROM - Humanoid Dub - OHMG, Eprom is not human for sure, he IS GOD!! Lots of kudos to Starkey for playing, very unexpectedly, a Pixies song! Jesus, so many fantastic memories returned in an instant. Check the tracklist after the jumb. IT IS HUGE !!!!