07 April 2009

MASTER P ON ATARI – Heavy Metal Glitch Hop

The loudspeaker woke up and said: Mochipet is good …

Pythagorean Hyphy Proof
Master P on Atari
Turbo Thizz Petnation
Sumo Hertz
Robo Crunk Juice
Mashall Bass Stacks
Complex Players Dub
Ghetto Puddin Pet
It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It
Coleco Crunk Vision
Win With Wang
Full Frontal Face Melt
Honey Badger Breaks
Godzilla New Year

Since the beginning of the year, Mochipet (David Y. Wang) and his Daly City Records has been constantly flooding the market with Mochi music culminating in two, relatively different releases.
Dirty, filthy and heavy Master P on Atari, released on 7th April 2009 and more laidback and pleasant-sounding, melodic broken beats (enriched with quite nice guitar riffs, flute and similar instruments), Bunnies & Muffins, released on 3 March 2009. To celebrate these two records Mochipet goes on a European Tour in April/May consisting of several live performances, from Athens, through Warsaw and Prague to Amsterdam and London. I’m uber happy that he will visit Warsaw next Friday to spread the vibe of glitch-based electronica and smash the dancefloor in da club.

Mochipet (David Y.Wang) is a super dope dude with versatile music background and absolutely top-notch engineering skills. Glitch hop / crunk / IDM /breakbeat / hyphy / dubstep / 8bit – Mochipet seems to accommodate all this styles quite easily and being a talented music erudite is able to mix them into a very original cocktail of ass-shaking, crispy beats with glitch, turbo-metalic bassline distorted to the max.

For me personally, Master P on Atari is the record of the year so far. This full release was preceded by a fantastic Master P on Atari single including four tracks which appear also here. I’ve been spoilt by the quality of this Single, as the title song and Turbo Thizz Petnation (the best tool to test turbo gear in your car) has won me over immediately. Despite very high expectations, I have not been disappointed with the full-length work, although the aforementioned tracks remain the highlights of the album.

Master P on Atari differs in many respects from the previous proper release, i.e. Microphonepet. First of all, it lacks practically any vocals or accapales, except for very few distorted samples. You will not hear any emcee or rapper rants. It is dirtier, heavier, faster, more straight-forward and more glitch than hop oriented. I believe this record will not be as frequently remixed as the previous one, as it is less accessible. I liked Microphonepet a lot, but I really love Master P on Atari. Forget about energy drinks, just listen to this banger release.

Mochipet conveys quite a simple message: whomp stomp whomp stomp twist hit shake swing! He is the real Master of sonic mayhem, pretty chaotic at the first hearing, yet very well structured and forcing your limbs TO MOVE! He pumps up the energy from the very beginning till the last note. The first three tracks are absolute hits which will destroy any dancefloor easily. My numero uno is Master P on Atari. They are followed by more crunk, hyphy and experimental stuff, with Robo Crunk Juice and It Ain’t Tricking If Ya Got It standing out. Then we move to the “full frontal” section including the last three tracks. Heavy metal glitch hop, fast and dirty making my head spin and arousing evil smile on my face. Pure adrenaline kick, very contagious! I bet you will not be able to sit on your chair longer than 60 sec. into Full Frontal Face Melt or Honey Badger Breaks.

All in all, great release. 9/10.

Check Master P on Atari on Addictech, and don’t forget about the flood of remixes from the previous release: Microphonepet, namely:

Mochipet – Microphonepet reMixed Dec 2008
Get Your Whistle Wet (Chris de Luca vs. Phono Remix) Featuring The Hustle Heads - great CLP mix of the smashing track!
Get Your Whistle Wet (DJ C Remix) Featuring The Hustle Hades – great tech step banger
Rambunktion (Boreta Remix) Featuring 215TFK, Mike Boo, and TaiwanKid – Boreta! Love his whompy glitch hop touch and style!

Mochipet – reBootied – Daly City Records (rel. Jan.2009)
Girls & Boys & Toys (Douster Remix) – dancefloor banger reminding of Crookers remixes
Girls & Boys & Toys (Krugger Flaps Remix) – another booty tool for dancefloors

Mochipet – reTweaked (rel. Feb 2009)
Rambunktion Featuring 215TFK (Sabbo Remix) – a different twist to one of the highlights of Microphonepet
The Graduate Featuring Dubphonics (Mophono Remix) – great jazzy / lounge remix!

Mochipet – reHyphed (rel. Feb 2009)
Tangle featuring Salva and Epcot (Matt B Remix)
The Graduate featuring Dubphonics (Tony Oheix Remix).

And that is not all. Expect yet another relase in re.. series hitting the market on 23 April 2009:
Mochipet – ReCoreEd to be released on 23 April 2009