22 May 2009

New Potty Mouth Music EP: TJR - Eat, Breathe, Sleep promo

Promo Pack Free Download - It includes all three tracks in 128kbps format plus some artwork.
EAT, BREATHE, SLEEP EP (PMM025) Released May 19, 2009 via Beatport.com (Exclusive for 4 Weeks) Original tracks by: TJR Tracks: Good Evening Chicago, I Dont Know Where Remix by: Klaus Hill (Good Evening Chicago)
I'm not a "house" guy as such, but I must confess to listening to quite a lot of fidget house or blog-house, as it is sometimes called. I very often use the simple, and totaly misleading and well-known term - banger - to describe it. As this type of music should be played on dancefloors and should make your head bang and swing. If it does not, than it's a crap, be it nurave, nudisco, electro, fidget or gadget house ....

Potty Mouth Music label run by James Amato from Chicago groups in its roster top guys in this category with smashing releases hitting the charts and DJ crates with extraordinary regularity. Crookers, Hijack, Mightyfools, The Bulgarian, Heavyfeet, Santiago and Bushido to name the few - I've heard so many banging killers from them that I eagerly wait for every release.

This time it's the debut release by Chicago's TJR: Eat, Breathe, Sleep EP including two original tracks and one remix by Klaus Hill from Australia.
I Dont Know Where is a solid disco-oriented, fidgety stomper with a few lazer soundz added for a good measure, but definitely the higlight of this release is Good Evening Chicago.
TJR says: “Creating a song dedicated to the city that keeps redefining house music was a goal of mine”. Indeed! It is a pumping and totally infectious fidget house track, a tribute and an anthem in one pack, produced by a guy who has been a scene veteran for over 15 years. He expresses his gratituded in the best possible way by addressing the public and the live sound of the crowd responding adds a lot to this track which I believe would be heavily played across the dancefloors. Good Evening Chicago easily passes my personal test for banger - I swung my head like crazy and my co-workers again look at me in this particular, strange way :)))))
The remix by Klaus Hill is okey, but nothing more. I prefer the original and will be waiting for more remixes as they will definitely follow. Listen to the tracks in the promo pack and grab them from Beatport.
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