21 May 2009

Th'Mole in Poland, party report

The man who knows how to be cool came to Poland, finally. Th'Mole performed in BiaƂystok, 40km from a town in which I was born. I wish more people turned out to see his fantastic show, Jonah absolutely deserved this. But actually I don't give a dub about those who were not there (well, an awful weather probably contributed to this partially). Myself, along with several friends and a few dozen others had a great time and was filled to the brim with good spirited and ass-kicking show delivered by this calm and intelligent guy who, like chameleon, transforms into a real strong super-man on the stage wearing his funny outfit and singing or shouting out THE MESSAGE. Yes, his music is not about banging your head, stomping your feets or just having good time while gettting drunk or drugged. It is also about the message - quite a rare thing in these time of oversimplification and short attention span. Intensify your intelligence, curb your ignorance! We need more Mole's like that.

Once again, Jonah thanks a lot for entertaining conversations and for coming to the land of your ancestors. And above all thanks for the great performance. Next year we'll definitely want to see you here again!! But this time in Warsaw!

In March Th'Mole released a great album Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) vol. 1. Check the review on my blog

PS> And get some decent sleep mate ...

PS2.> I'd like to thank my homie Bodek (Dj Koola) for all the efforts put into organizing the show and warming up the audience during his DJ set. Props also go to Mentalcut for, well, mental set. You guys rocked the kasbah !!!

When Mochipet was playing in Warsaw I forgot my camera and somehow haven't been able to retreive the pictures from a guy who was taking them during the show. This time I had it with me. "Just look at this, it's a work of art" (Ha Ha Ha). I also shot some video but the light was too weak. Fortunately, there was another dude with a camcorder - expect some video soon.

DJ Koola & Th'Mole on stage
Th'Mole moshing & entertaining: